How to Pick and Wear a Patron Saint Medal

There are countless saints in the history of the Church who have shown heroic virtue and love for God and their neighbors. Some of these saints have been designated as patrons for specific areas of life, such as vocations, countries, illnesses, and hobbies. Many faithful Catholics wear medals that bear the likeness of their patron saints as a sign of respect and trust in their heavenly help.

A patron saint medal is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of your Catholic identity and a reminder of your heavenly friend. But how do you choose which saint medal to wear? There are various aspects to consider, such as your affinity with the saint, your hopes and needs, your style and resources, and the choices and quality of the medal. Here are some ideas to help you select and wear a patron saint medal that will enhance your faith journey.

One thing to think about is your relationship with the saint. You might have a patron saint that relates to your name, your sacramental name, your birth date or celebration date, or your cultural or ancestral heritage. You might also have a favorite saint who has similar passions, activities, gifts, or challenges as you. For instance, if you are a firefighter or respect their bravery and dedication, you might want to wear a firefighter necklace with a medal of St. Florian or St. Michael, who are patrons of firefighters.

Another aspect to consider is your hopes and needs. You might want to wear a patron saint medal that suits your current condition or aims in life. You might also want to wear a medal that indicates an area where you need more support or favor from God through the intercession of the saint. For example, if you are struggling with an ailment or taking care of someone who is unwell, you might want to wear a medal of St. Peregrine or St. Camillus de Lellis, who are patrons of cancer patients and nurses respectively.

Thirdly, you should consider your style and preferences. You might want to wear a patron saint medal that appeals to your taste and personality. You might also want to wear a medal that fits your budget and quality standards. There are many types and designs of patron saint medals available in different materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose from gold, silver, pewter, bronze, enamel, wood, or plastic medals. You can also choose from round, oval, square, heart-shaped, cross-shaped, or star-shaped medals. Some medals have additional features such as engraving, gemstones, chains, or clasps.

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